Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

The administration of the ACYO is carried out by a working volunteer board of directors composed of the conductor, parents of members, Members-At-Large and community liaisons for the University of Florida, School Board of Alachua County and Gainesville Music Teachers Association.

Conductor/Music Director is responsible for making all music decisions, conducting auditions, seating assignment, choosing repertoire, and preparing the orchestra for performances.

The parents of members constitute the majority of the board and are responsible for all tasks necessary to run the orchestra including fund raising, publicity, house and backstage management during concerts, food, receptions, and member communications.

Members-At-Large and Community Liaisons constitute the remainder of the board. These individuals serve as liaisons for community music groups, provide consultation and manage special projects.

Members are elected to the board at the annual Parent’s Meeting which is held at the beginning of the concert season in September. Board members are elected for staggered two year terms with approximately half the board being elected each year. The board then annually elects its officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer. Officers are elected for one year terms.┬áThe board generally meets every two months, from September through May, usually on Sundays to coincide with ACYO rehearsals.

Current Board Members

You may reach out to any of our board members by email at

R. Gary Langford

Elizabeth Lada Elston

Vice President
Victoria Pagan Wolpert

Kris Hutchins

Membership Secretary
Ching Zhou

Recording Secretary
Chris Sagabiel

Parent Members

Hilary Green

Carol Kavalan

Elizabeth Lada Elston

Tony Mancuso

Karina Newman

Victoria Pagan Wolpert

Ching Zhou

Finance Committee

Kris Hutchins, Tony Mancuso,
Carol Kavalan, and Elizabeth Lada Elston

At Large Members

Ferol Carytsas

Kris Hutchins

Chris Sagabiel

Appointed Members

School Board of Alachua County

Lauren Hodges
UF School of Music

Ed Klein
Gainesville Music Teachers Association