Conductor’s Notes

Conductor’s Notes 2017-11-22T01:31:03+00:00

With only a few rehearsals remaining until our performances on December 4th for 1500 5th graders and Holiday Traditions and our winter concert on December 10th, attendance, which has been very good all semester, needs to be your number one priority. I know that everyone has many more items on their plates besides ACYO, and that demands more organization and scheduling to make sure that each and every thing is completed in the most satisfactory manner possible. This has been a crazy semester, with the hurricane and with my hip replacement, but having said that, I am very positive that our performances will be at the high level that everyone expects from this orchestra. Individual practice on those parts of the music that contain the most challenges will ensure that the music will be performed to the best of our ability. There is no substitute for individual practice and preparation. “Proper practice prevents poor performance.” Make sure that you read and understand the schedule for the rest of the semester, AND that you have the proper concert attire. The website has ALL the information that you need. I know that we can conclude the fall season with performances of which we can all be proud. This very special time of year, with all the holiday music, can be very uplifting and joyous. I have said it before, we musicians have a gift, a gift that can be shared with our audiences that will enrich their lives. Most importantly, ENJOY the experience and value all that music gives to us and our audiences.